The Berlin Society for Mission History aims:
  • To promote knowledge about the value of the documents and material objects that mission organisations have left behind beyond the relatively narrow circle of mission researchers
  • to stimulate and foster research in this area
  • to work for the improvement of the conditions under which mission sources are archived, in order to achieve appropriate storage and maintenance conditions
  • to support discussions on the cultural inheritance passed down from once existing or still practising mission organisations
  • to encourage German mission organisations to reappraise its own history critically and self-critically
Practically this means:
  • supporting and fostering measures to preserve and expand the relevant archives and libraries
  • to encourage and support research on the topics of international history, ethnology, missiology, geography, linguistics and literary studies etc., as well as of the relationships between Europe and overseas countries
  • publication of the results of such research through scientific conferences, lectures, exhibitions and publications, as well as
  • the establishment and maintenance of contacts with colleagues in mission history within Germany as well as further afield, in order to make the importance of mission sources (archives) better known and to improve access to them
  • In addition, the BSMS supports and assists in the transmission of private collections to appropriate scientific archives

The Berlin Society for Mission History publishes the book series “Missionsgeschichtliches Archiv” (Archive of mission history) and the pamphlet series “Berliner Beiträge zur Missionsgeschichte” (Berlin Contributions to Mission History) (see link to Publications).