4. Archival Project
Establishing a security copy of the archive of the Berlin Mission

The archive of the Berlin Mission contains valuable documents on 165 years of African history, in particular on South Africa.
These documents are of high historical value, as there are hardly any other documents of equal age on the history apart from the missionary sources.
They are also of importance in present-day decision-making, as they can be used, for example, to reconstruct the land rights of the African population.
Due to inappropriate and unsuitable storage conditions in the past, these documents are threatening to disintegrate.
Since April 1991, the Berlin Society for Mission History, the Seminar für religions- und Missionswissenschaft sowie Ökumenik (Department for Religious Studies, Missiology and Ecumenism) at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Institut für Afrikanistik (African Studies Institute) at the University of Leipzig are conducting a project to make the archival collection fully accessible and to produce a secure copy of the whole collection.
The first step in this process was the cataloguing of all documents in a data base and to improve their storage conditions. This was the precondition for the following step, the production of the security of the documents.
The project is being supported by:
Hans Merensky Foundation, South Africa
Evangelisches Missionswerk in Deutschland
The project desperately needs further financial resources. The Berlin Society for Mission History has organised a fund for donations. Donations are tax-deductible in Germany. We request donations to be paid into the account of the “Berliner Gesellschaft für Missionsgeschichte”:
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, Bank Code 100 205 00, Account Number 329 5300, Message line: Archive Fund.