Adresses of organisations, academic institutes, and topics of interest
(The sites below may contain important and interesting links, which we have not repeated here). 
1. University Institutes and scientific organisations:
mission religionum: an interdisciplinary compilation of links on scientific research on missions
1.1 African Studies
(for further links to other university institutes in Germany and further afield, on journal series, scientific libraries and information services, see the homepage of Vincent Ovaert)

1.2 Missiology
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Missionswissenschaft   (with links to all Institutes for Missiology at German-speaking theological faculties)

1.3 University Institutes and scientific organisations in South Africa

2. Church Organisations
For a compilation of all mission societies, see the pages of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Missionswissenschaft

3. Non-governmental organisations and other institutions: